• Kellyann Chippendale


Ah! To persevere and perseverance. I picked this little ditty up from a book in my world travels in Australia 🇦🇺 jaunt along the way somewhere. Sorry, to author I cannot quote🙁

It struck me and is so true and creatively cool the way it is written out as a person I thought. It gave me a different perspective.

I have really learned a lot by persevering.and not persevering too...  I also learned that on the trail of it, you have to stay true to your self and your dream. It is easy to get swayed or off course because of anything, the world, others or just unforeseen circumstances that arise.

But here, Perseverance, says it best in the last line....’Truth is, he turns down all offers which distract him from his work.’ Sometimes in this business there can be a lot of glitter and tinsel, however the persistence of thought and action will bring you to what you are persistently thinking about.

Persevere with perseverance. What that too much?

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