• Kellyann Chippendale

I Wonder...

It was a seed from a love that didn’t quite pan out the way I expected and my feelings about if the other person ever wondered about me the same way I wondered about him.

But more that that, it was a way to express me, myself and my heart.

When it was published and put into an anthology for the world to read, it made me even more exhilarated to share. It goes back to the simple way of life, like Robert Fulgham’s book, All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten.

The first thing is #1: Share Everything. 

I received that as a book after I completed my student teaching in Kindergarten. I guess in case I missed the big picture or anything from this experience or from my own kindergarten, the universe was letting me receive it all over again.

So, I share my first publication with love and pride and I also still wonder...

I am always wondering what is possible!

Are you?

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